Unusual Cable Brands

for many years I had many cables from more common brans like Audioquest, Harmonic Technology, Acoustic Zen, Cardas, and more.
Now I discovered that there are many unusual brands that have excellent reputation.
I´m really interest on Stereovox, Harmonix, Silversmith or Shunyata (I´m talking about IC cables, not PC from Shunyata).
Please let me know your experience with these brands and if you could compara with more common brands.
I have Stereovox Reference interconnects and speaker cables and they are fantastic. There are a few people that compare them favorably to Nordost Valhallas, and therefore switched from Valhallas to Stereovox Reference.

This is a Stereovox Reference review from Positive Feedback Online, and this one is from Stereophile. Both reviews are accurate, based from my own experience with these cables.

Another brand to seriously consider is Elrod Power Systems. David Elrod is more well known for designing excellent power cords (I recently ordered one). He has also been producing interconnects and speaker cables. David Elrod recently introduced the Silver Signature speaker cables. I'm not sure if there is a Silver Signature IC yet, but his Gold Signature ICs are supposed to provide better improvements than updating a piece equipment in the system.


Thank you iSanchez for your opinions.
I will see Elrod products.
You're welcome. Good luck with your search.


I don't consider the brands you mentioned as "unusual". In fact they are pretty much mainstream.
There are probably thousands of audio cables available, some of which can truly be labeled "unusual".
I own a couple of great inteconnects from a company called Sine Audio. Sine makes very high quality, esoteric high end speaker cables, interconnects and power cords. they are virtually unknown here in the states. Very popular in Asia.

I swapped all my really expensive Transparent Reference XL cables for the Sine. It took me no time at all to re sell the Transparent wire.

The Sine on the other hand I wasn't as fortunate with. I did manage to sell a great pair of their Coliseum Speaker cables to a member that I let audition them first. He loves them.

The interconnects sound way better than cables I had from Transparent, Accapella, FMS among others.

They are a hybrid Silver and copper wire. They are not shielded, which allows them to sound very open, transparent and full bodied. They literally blew the doors off any of the high dollar well known wires I have used in the past.

I guess my reason for mentioning all this is I learned a very valueable lesson. If you're like me and change your system more frequently than you change the oil in your car. You would be well served to stick with major brands that have been annointed with reviews by Stereophile and TAS.

If I had to be stuck with wire Though, these are the best I have ever used. The Sine Ella interconnect is hands down the best RCA interconnect I have ever used or heard.