Unshielded Speakers,How Far?

I just found a killer deal on a brand new in the box pair of original Energy Connoisseur C2 speakers in Black Laquer finish.Problem is I don't think they are magnetically shielded.Any thoughts on how far away from my tv I should set them up so as not to screw up the color on the screen?
Hello - you will see it quickly if they are too close ;). I have found that fields die off rapidly with distance and so a couple feet will do.
For the record, you should keep em at least 2ft from a CRT. More precisely however, you should place the speakers WHERE THEY SOUND BEST!!!! In case you didn't know, as most people just STICK SPEAKERS where they THINK they should go, you should find out where the speakers sound the best and put them there!(in perspective with the set up and seating possitions of course).
Good luck
yep, Aball, the best way to know is just to see. when unshielded speakers are too close to the TV screen you will see distortions immediately.
Do they have to be very close to the tv? If you spread them wide enough to where they sound good you shouldnt have a problem.