unrestored Fisher 500-b receiver

I'm fairly new to the world of high end playback (outside of headphone listening), and I have a question about a Fisher 500-b tube receiver. someone local to me is offering to sell it, although it probably needs a lot of work:

"unit needs to have the power switch replaced (this is very common on old fishers) but by bypassing the power switch the unit does work (i.e. transformers work). unit has vintage tubes with it.

like all old tube equipment, it should be checked over by a tech before regular use. "

I am assuming that I'd have to buy new tubes for it as well. If I did buy it, I'd probably send it out to get it all cleaned up and fixed. but the question is, how much would you pay for something like this? even a ballpark figure would be great.

thanks for any help or advice.
Probably would need capacitors replaced as well. Fisher Doctor is a known restoration specialist. Run a search here and at head-fi.org to find contact info etc on him and others.

I have had two 70's era solid state vintage Marantz receivers restored (Marantz 2216B and 2240). I used a different technician each time, but on average, each receiver cost me in the $300 to $400 range to restore. In each case, there was nothing too major that was wrong ... capacitors/bulbs/some transistors/power cord replaced; cleaning; tuner re-alignment; and labor.

Tube units typically cost a bit more to restore, because point to point wiring takes more time and labor to check out and repair (I can attest to this, as my dad owned a TV & Appliance Repair Shop for 40 years in Brooklyn). Also, tube replacement can get expensive on the older stereos.

I am not sure if the Fisher Doctor (based in Staten Island, NYC) is even still in business. As of a few years ago, he was having a few problems and customers were complaining of unusually high turnaround times (upwards of a year). You can check out the Vintage Asylum at the Audio Asylum and do some research to see if this is still the case.

If I had to do it again, I am not so sure if I would have gone the vintage restoration route. The old Marantz receivers look great; the FM tuner sections perform much better than anything that you could buy today; but their amplifier sections are just decent ... but typically, not outrageously better than what equivalent dollars would buy today. For example, the NAD C320BEE ($400 list) is a much better integrated amp than the amp section of my Marantz 2240 ($250 on eBay/came with the wood case plus $300 to restore) and it is not 30 years old.

Note: I do realize that I may be opening up a Pandora's box here. The vintage units that I had restored were mid-line products, not top of the line units.

Two excellent technicians to do the restoration work are:

5418 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22151
(703) 764-7005
Attn: Bill

The Soundsmith Corporation
8 John Walsh Boulevard, Suite 417
Peekskill, New York 10566
(914) 739-2885
Attn: Peter

The vintage bug is hard to shake off, once it has taken hold. The Stereophile review of the Fisher receiver did romanticize vintage equipment. Just make sure that you are not acquiring a money pit.

Regards, Rich
In Wisconsin, Eric Lysne is doing great restoration Fisher and Scott tube audio work for me in the Madison, Wisconsin area. His e-mail is elysne@yahoo.com .