Unpredictable digital problems with movies?

When I am watching movies with my Rotel RSP1068 I sometimes get an unexpected digital glitch that is very loud and potentially damaging to speakers, it is hard to describe but it sounds like a "gargle" sound, has anyone ever had this problem? It comes out of nowhere and is unpredictable, I am wired to Lexicon RT10 with Cardas Hexlink. Thanks for any thoughts or help
Weird...might it be pirated DVD'S? - some pirated material from market/street sellers is very hard to tell from real thing (when looking at the package)?
Sounds like a DTS issue, or a layerchange, or rental DVD's... I would look at your DVD player not the processor as the problem. Try another player on those same pieces of media.

Shadorne: is definitely right.. buying movies on ebay/half is a nightmare...
No pirate or rented DVD movies here, it was playing in dolby digital EX not DTS, its funny you mention layer change as I almost added to my original post I thought maybe it happens at chapter change. I had this issue with a Samsung HD841 and had it replaced and same thing happened, then I had the Rotel serviced with a new unit being sent to me to solve my complaint. I was using a Sony player and had no issues, but now it is back with the Lexicon and I feel with having other players act this way it is in the Rotel where the problem is. All the same I cant figure out what it is.
Well this is probably a stupid idea and who knows if it will help but I hooked up a Monarchy DIP just for the sake of trying it........so far no issues, if this helps I wont know why. The disc I was playing was "The Incredibles" and it has 2 discs in it and was purchased from SunCoast at the mall so I highly doubt it is a scab DVD, I bought "Second Hand lions" at a flea market a few years ago and learned my lesson about well packaged crap.
Another friend mentioned the DTS problem, if I tell the Lexicon to down convert DTS to PCM would that make any sense, neither the Lexicon or the Rotel will allow me to totally disregard DTS wich was my first thought.
I did listen using the Analog Multi-bypass (SACD) hook up and it sounds very good, would this prevent my issues?
no (to he down convert) the DTS signal link is just very sensitive, some processors deal with it better than others when they loose link.... Some of the newer copy protection makes this problem worse..

You can select the output DTS versus Dolby Digital in most soundtracks on the Audio Setup of the DVD.. give that a try and see if it causes the same pop.

Can you get a firmware upgrade for your Lexicon? Something to try..call them and ask about the problem.
thanks for the reply. I called Lexicon, no upgrades.
again this isnt the players fault as I had same issue with my last player...so it has to be a Rotel issue, but they plead ignorance.
Sorry, I meant call Rotel.... but unfortuantely sometimes my EAD would drop but it was completely silent through the speakers.. it was my cable company switching between audio formats between each comericial on my Cox.. My Meridian does the same thing.. it's my Cox Cable box... The De-jitter box (Camelot Dragon 5.1) didn't help the drops but did clean up the sound.

Not sure what else to say.. try a cheap $29 dvd player.. I've read the Panasonics are the most compliant to read errors. I know it doesn't go over well....
My cable has done it also now that you mention it, I held the button in to re-boot it, Rotel claims no issue ever but I take that with a big glass of "yea right"