unobtrusive speaker system?

looking for recommendations for unobstrusive yet good quality home theatre surround speaker set up....this is something for mid sized room, sep from my main 2 channel set up.

So far the Gallo Reference AV set up, and the Artcoustic speakers seem interesting...anything else I should be considering?
As Tarasound suggests. May be some B&W or Parasound in wall designs. I have B&W in wall speakers all over the house.
Try the Magna Planer Home theater set up,great sound
with planer speakers front and rear plus center. Add Hsu sub for bottom end
I went with the D4 ERA's from Signal Path. Great sound and unbelievable bass from a small speaker. They also come in a smaller and larger version depending on your needs. Check them out at the link below. Good Luck.
I have the Gallo A'Diva Ti's and they sound fabulous. They take a little time to work in but once they are worked in they sound fabulous....