UNO speakers

I would like to hear from people that have lived with the UNO for a while. Your take on soundstage, highs and room size
Hi Jimh, I have not heard this speaker. It seems quite controversial. Well respected members Albertporter and Cornfedboy do not believe this to be of highend standards. Try doing a search on them under speakers. I will quote one of my favorite members. "there horns, they honk, there butt ugly. I have heard from others that feel this is one of the finest speakers on the market. Ya gotta go listen for yourself. Good luck.
Those who don't like horns are actually not liking what's being sent into them because they are SO sensitive & revealing. Only very refined componentry will make you happy driving horns. Can't help you regarding having "lived with the Avantgarde" but I heard them at a show & liked them (being a horn fan myself). You can drive them with a nice low power SET amp if desired & still get a good slam factor due to the built in bass amps.
The major knock on horns is how they color the sound.Think Klipsch and you get the ugly idea.While I am sure the Avantegarde products are good I stumbled on one that are fantatstic.The germamn speker company Einstein makes another line called the Ehodin.I never would have gotten them but I stumbled into a store in Sarasota Fla and asked what they had that rocked.(actaully that "jazzed").Well I never heard of Ehodin but they sounded great.But since they are hard to find and don't go to CES etc I picked up a pair of monitors which listed for $2800 on 'Gon for $875.A bit bass shy but worked great with my Mac SS pre and Mesa Baron tube amp with either a an SACD or my VPI Aries.Now I have being sent to me last years model for 25% of it's list of the $6500 speaker and go flat to 35Hz.Since they are large horns they can be fed at 93 db with 211,300,or 845 single ended tubes.I may not need my 90 wpc Baron when I get them.But I have read others who bought them like a guy with $25K models who said they have less coloration than eany other horn speakers he's heard.Look up Axxis Dist and ask them for a dealer list before you buy the UNO make effort to hear these.A great hidden product.
I have lived with Avantgarde Duos for more than a year. I think they are great - extremely dynamic with exceptional timbre and resolution. They have great definition, and there is no horn coloration as I have heard in the past with other brands. The high freq. are light like electrostatics and the 225 sub woofers are very fast and go down to the basement I like the volume and cross-over controls on each subwoofer very much.

I have listened to other high end systems for hours on end, and I would suggest that these speakers are clearly class A. I don't believe in "best designations" at this level because personal preference and musical tastes have great influence.

Also my wife like the looks - and that is saying something. They are a conversation piece. Other hi end audiophiles have enjoyed them in my home as well.

It is important to have a good room as starters. then comes the associated equipment. With regard to components and cabling - everything counts. This system is unforgiving for noise. Noise is amplified by 10dB more than most speakers. I use Cary 300B SE/SLP-98P, Nuvista CD, VPI / SME/Clearaudio analogue. All my wiring is pure silver (cables and interconnects) including custom speaker harnesses. I believe these cables and interconnects have made a huge difference in the sound - more open and airy than with hi end copper in my experience.

A recent great addition this week has been absolute power cords throughout the system. These have really knocked down noise level in the system and optimized base and imaging. I can't believe their inexpensive price.

I would also suggest that dedicated power circuits to minimize AC power noise is a must. I set up two independent dedicated circuits, one for each channel off both sides of the 220V source. This is a poor mans balanced power set-up described by J-10. I expect to get a new power conditioner, probably an equi=tech Q series this year to kill the last bit of noise.

One great advantage is the speaker directionality. They minimize room influences tremendously - and that is a very nice feature in real world listening rooms.

Would I buy these speakers again? Yes, without hesitation.