Unmatched power cords

I discovered recently to my amazement that I had two mismatched Interconnects from my preamp to my amp.  One is a Morrow (which cables  I use to connect most of my system) and the other is a Cardas. I don’t know how long they’ve been there, but the sound has been great all along.

I’m wondering it would be wise to match one or the other, or go with “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”


Try it and see.  

Yesterday I recieved a new pair of tubes.  I put them in and they were not good.  Made me appreciate the ones I'm using.  Both are 6SN7s from the 1940s but vastly different performance.

You will either hear something like this or your won't.

Many people describe ICs like a wine reviewer writing for Wine Spectator.  ...and a hint of manure....often more than a hint.   My belief is that passive components can only take away, they don't add.  So if both ICs sound a like, neither is removing much of the goodness.



I have done both (matched IC and power cord and mismatched). I find a subtle improvement when matched when using products of similar quality. I would only focus on this if it were the weakest link in my system, otherwise not that much of a difference to stress.