unkonw WILSON speaker

hello, anyone knows wicht WILSON speaker this is and what was the price when it was new?

I never heard of a Dalek from Wilson; isn't that a Dr. Who creation?  To tell the truth, I wonder if it's not a knock-off.  I don't recall Wilson ever using rounded cabinets like that. and the midrange doesn't look like a Wilson driver.
Looks like a knock-off.

I've never ever seen Wilson use a ring radiator tweeter, or a Waveguide for that matter.
I just used Google Translate, since my French is not what it was... ever. :D


They don't call this a Wilson.  They call it a "High End Construction" which makes me believe this is a DIY project.
Look at the pictures blown up. The construction quality is way below Wilson quality for the metal parts using sheet metal and standard screws. Wilson would never do that. Plus although it copies Wilson time alignment it uses box shapes Wilson never used. It is Wilson inspired knock off but not even a copy.

I noticed a "WA" logo on the filter. The seller does not claim it's a WILSON. Never saw any other speaker with this shape, except WILSON of course. If it a WILSON indeed, the seller does not even know.

Seller remains vague about the exact brand and type. Does not reply to questions. No detailed photos of name plates either. So it seems like a Wilson lookalike.
Why did you say that it was a Wilson Dalek? Were you just kidding? I had never heard of that model but I thought I had just missed it somewhere along the line. 
OP: You might try sending the pictures to Wilson. Try emailing:
[email protected]

( jasonbourne52: The Daleks are android space creatures from the British children's sci-fi show "Dr. Who".)
Thanks, I was never a fan of Dr. Who, so it made no sense to me, and I was pretty sure that I hadn't missed that model in Wilson's lineup.
Seller finally gave me the brand name on the front of the speaker: BIRDAUDIO EVOLUTION TM, never heard about that brand and there is nothing on the internet.
but defenitly not a WILSON, allthough the logo "WA" on the filter might suggest it is.
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