Unknown Tonearm

I recently aquired an old Oracle Delphi MK 11. The tonearm is black & thin with a 3 piece weight which includes a seperator between two machined brass pieces. There is also a brass piece between the bearing pivots it says Scorpion on it.It looks in quite nice shape it came with a Grado Signature cartridge which turns out to be dead on one side unfortunatly. Is it worth using this arm or letting it go? If so is it worth anything? I have a RB300 and a Denon 103 I could swap out from my other turntable (Oracle Paris). I'm going to be ordering a tune up kit from Oracle anyway I could also order the proper springs and a new armboard at the same time. Any help/advice would be appreciated Thanks Joel
Oops..... actually the tonearm says Scorpio not Scorpion on it my apoligies Joel
That tonearm is known as the Helius Scorpio. If you do a search at Google there are a couple of web sites that pop up with specifications and images.

Wish I could offer more, I have not heard that model although it looks interesting.
Why do you feel you need to change existing Scorpio tonearm?
Good idea to upgrade the TT. UHF magazine keeps saying that the Delphi only started working right in its Mk III version.
I guess I got a case of upgrade fever...... To be fair I just bought this piece and haven't had time to set it up properly with a new cartridge and actually listen to it. Being how a lot of people sing the praise of Rega & modified Rega tone arms as being the low buck hot set-up. I am curious on how something of lower mass and older like the Scorpio would compare. Old vs new technology so to speak. After finding out what it was (thank you Mr. Porter) and doing some looking it turns out that Helius was pretty respectable in it's day and worthy of a try.It is quite a stunning looking arm with all the milled brass pieces probably wouldn't like the Denon cartridge though. Regards Joel