University 3 way 12in Speaker info 1962 era

I need info on University Sound speakers from the early 60's. I found a used pair and need to know if they are worth looking into. They have a 12" woofer, 2.5 horn tweeter, 3.5 mid range and a 3' port. Dimension 25"H X 16.0"W x 12D. Were they a high quality home audio speaker or mainly a PA type?

I am looking at a 1965 Audio directory. It shows 1 home speaker system using 12" woofer. It is the Senior 2A;
12" woofer; 3" cone mid-range and phenolic dome tweeter;
Dimensions are 23 3/4" X 11 1/2" X 15 7/8".
It sold for $99.95