Universals with volume/attenuator.

I would think it would be a huge benfit if manufacturers would inlude volume out with universal players. It was semi-popular and effective with CD players (Wadia, CAL, etc.) With universal players it makes so much more sense. When they come out with a decent one I will sell my line stage... and my eight track.

I too would like this as I use a CD player w/remote controlled variable volume direct into a pair of mono-block amps.

My guess is that it hasn't been done because it would take 6 channels of volume control since a universal player would likely be multi-channel for SACD and DVD-A.

Currently, I only know of the Cary DVD-6 that supports variable volume for CD playback and has progressive scan DVD-V playback.


Try finding a EAD DVDMaster 8800.(cd/dvd-a/sacd). DVDMaster
8000 (cd/dvd-a).

They would fill your needs.

Linn Unidisk SC.

I remember reading that APL does a Volume Mod to the Denon 3910.