Universal vs. CDP & DVD???

I am thinking of pairing a Krell kav400xi with my Totem Hawks. After much listening between different SS and tube amps, the kav400xi seems to be the ideal match? It will also allow me to move to the Winds in the future as well!

My debate is whether to pair the matching Showcase DVD player with the Krell as my source for both CD & DVD (dual purpose 2-channel system) or go with seperates at a lower cost - perhaps a Jolida JD100 CDP and a simple DVD player?

2-channel music reproduction is what I am most concerned with. Am I compromising redbook CDP using the Showcase DVD as a CDP? Investing that much in a source also worries me right now with the new blu-ray/hd-dvd on the horizon as well.

I am going back to listen to the Krell again this week with the Showcase DVD and the Sony 9100 and NAD Silver DVD to compare those universals. I won't have the chance to compare the Jolida paired with it at the same dealer so will be taking a small leap of faith there, purchasing from seperate dealers.

Just curious if others have been in a similar situation and what their preferred choice became???
krell is not the way to go. Do you enjoy the sound of nails scratching a black board. Wake up to many choices to settle for overpriced overhjyped Krell
Listen for yourself and trust your own ears!

I have heard many comments like the one above, yet my own experience with recent Krell products is quite opposite. I cannot attest to Krell's earlier components since I have never listened to them, but my guess is they sounded bright and/or edgy based on repeated duplicate descriptions. Of the Krell gear I have demoed [without any intent to buy] I have been impressed enough to become a Krell owner myself. Believe me when I say I was biased against Krell because of its Agon reputation. Furthermore, I feel their gear is rather ugly and too high priced for me. Nevertheless, I couldn’t ignore all of the improvements to my system’s sound [OK, the FPB-300C needs to warm-up longer than I'd like]. Of course, I have only bought used pieces since I am to cheap to buy new.

I have listened to the Showcase DVD in my system, but I do not own one. I liked it. To me, it sounded very similar [not the same] to the Lexicon RT-10 which I did own for quite some time. I liked the Lexicon and feel it is underrated. I own an Esoteric DV-50 now, a controversial player I know, but it offers me the best all around performance after trying many different players [Meridian G98, Lexicon RT-10, Showcase DVD, Denon 3910, Modwright SS 3910, Integra DPS 10.5, Simaudio Moon Orbiter…]. This is simply my own experience in my own system. BTW, the Meridian was surprisingly good.

I would urge you to ask your dealer if you could take the player home for at least a night to try it out in your own system. I never really have been able to tell much when I try something in a store. A Krell dealer should appreciate your request.

Mapleleafs3...please go easy on me...it's just my opinion/experience...
Dbld, I have had much the same experience as you with Krell. I had written them off hearing their older gear - it always sounded etchy and non-involving to me. That all changed when I heard the kav400xi, I think they took a step in the right direction - a good sounding 'budget' integrated!