Universal supports SACD

Universal Music Group just announced that it will support SACD with the objective of making SACD the preferred recording format.


Also, Sony just added another manufacturing facility that is producing 500,000 SACDs/month and has a capacity to turn out over 1 million SACDs/month. This is in addition to its two other facilities. Sony announced that there are currently 440 SACD titles (170 Sony) and there would be 1,000 by March 2002. That would mean an average of 80-100 new SACDs/month for the next 6 months.

Looks to me that SACD greatest shortcoming (the software) is being addressed.
This is good news for me personally, as I find this new format to be superior to CD. Even though SACD is in it's infancy stage it shows great promise.

I am not saying it is 100% right now, but like the LP and CD, it will improve as time goes by. Sony choosing to make SACD software readily available is the single most critical step to its survival. New popular music releases need to be right next to CD's in music stores.

An even better marketing strategy would be to release redbook CD and SACD formats on the same disc. A single disk would play in automobiles and Walkman, and still produce audiophile quality in homes with either or both formats.

My idea is not new. Years ago, mono records were offered alongside stereo versions. The buyer was required to pay an additional dollar to support the new format. That investment allowed the buyer to prepare for the day that they owned a full blown stereo system. In the meanwhile, the LP would play on either system.

The cost difference between mono and stereo was about $1.00. This was back when stereo was just getting started and suppliers were seeking public support for the new format.

In today's money, that would have to be at least $3.00 to $5.00. I think with public education and good promotion it is possible to gain support for this format.
Now Sony needs to make all its SACD titles dual layer....
I don't understand why Sony is producing only single layer for its own SACDs. It only costs about 10 cents more to produce a hybrid disc.

I'm surprised by the number of SACDs that Sony is manufacturing per month. To keep up the volume, Sony will be flooding the market with discs. There's no way consumers would buy 500,000 or more discs that their new factory is producing, let along what their other two facilities are producing. There's also at least one non-Sony manufacturing facility. It means that SACD software prices will need to come down to increase the volume.

I think that the support of Universal is a significant event. I just hope they release discs faster than Virgin Records.
Be sure to read this very informative post on AudioAsylum.com.

I also believe Sony is making a mistake with the single layer discs. Alot of people like to play cds in their cars. Dual layer is also insurance against format death. I'm glad to see Universal is supporting SACD. Let's hope they go with dual layer discs. I read the post Abecollins pointed to. I don't see how dvd audio can be a dominant music format because you need to have the player hooked up to a monitor for on screen programing to use them, or am I missing something?