Universal Remote to control Bel Canto Pre2

I need a universal remote to basically turn the volume up and down. I just want something thats EASY to set up too. I'd like to buy one today. Please help a tech deficient brother. Thanks, Mike Houstina.
Shame the marketing director isn't more on the ball in some cases especially on an item thats readily in demand and tooling and everything is already there. And at the rate people seem to lose remotes, thats another topic in itself. How do so many people lose such an important item. It seems common practice out there, Ive never lost one. A few got broken, by way dog I can admit to that, puppy gets a hold of it and so on. But Ive never actually lost one, seems impossible. 

Mine got ruined by batteries that suddenly erupted inside. I used the remote regularly, but the batteries just gave up the ghost one day, taking the remote with it. I called Duracell today, and they will pay for half the $70 cost of the replacement remote, plus give me a coupon for a pack of fresh batteries. If the batteries had been newer, they would have paid me the whole $70. So, I'm more than satisfied.