Universal Remote to control Bel Canto Pre2

I need a universal remote to basically turn the volume up and down. I just want something thats EASY to set up too. I'd like to buy one today. Please help a tech deficient brother. Thanks, Mike Houstina.
The adaptor is pretty readily available from different sources. The fact that New Potato hasn't bothered to update the device to work directly with the Lightning connector, which Apple introduced 3 1/2 years ago, gave me pause. New Potato's TuneLink Home seems like an alternative, though. It functions as a stationary, omni-directional IR code transmitter that your iPhone/iPod directs via Bluetooth. No more expensive than the FLPR plus a Lightning adaptor. (It also turns your mobile device into a music player for your home stereo, if that's of any interest.) 

Right now, since I play most of my music via my computer and Audirvana Plus, I'm leaving my Bel Canto turned up to my usual maximum desired volume and controlling volume through the A+ remote app. Works, but still would like an actual remote control. 

By the way, Mike, earlier you posted that Bel Canto had "no other answer except get a used one...." Does that mean they had no RC's for your Pre2 to sell you?  
Bel Canto did not mention selling me a remote when I inquired. I assumed they no longer stock them. I would gladly buy one.
What is Audionirvana+ and am I missing something by plugging my MacBook into the DAC and playing it?

Bel Canto is able to sell me a new remote control for my s300iP. It's costing me $70, including shipping, a pretty penny considering I may only use it to program a universal RC before relegating it to backup duty. But I don't have much choice, and at least it's available.  

Audirvana Plus is one of several or handful of OS X music players that provide more refinement than iTunes can offer. Others are Amarra and Pure Music, and you'll find threads on these players on this site and others.