Universal Remote to control Bel Canto Pre2

I need a universal remote to basically turn the volume up and down. I just want something thats EASY to set up too. I'd like to buy one today. Please help a tech deficient brother. Thanks, Mike Houstina.
I bought the Harmony Ultimate One today. It is up and running everything except what I really wanted it for: Bel Canto Pre2. It says its compatible. There is no model number on the unit. There is a serial number. I don't know what else to do. I don't have the original remote and it's the only reason I bought the thing.

Sorry, I did checked Logitech database for compatiablity. You should call Logitech support, hopefully they can sort you out. 

Don't give up yet. See if the Logitech Harmony has Bel Canto codes for the Pre6. If memory serves me correctly, the Pre6 codes should work for the Pre2 if you're looking for volume control
Thanks. I'll check when I get home. I haven't given up. I'll check with Logitech and Bel Canto before I give up. Thanks for the idea.

Hello, Mike, Did you get anywhere with your inquiries to BC and Logitech? I've read a number of posts around the web on the Harmony remotes and Bel Canto equipment, and they all seem to end with the poster being advised to contact one or the other of the companies. I'm dying to know what happens after that. ;->  (I have a BC s300iP whose remote just got destroyed by batteries that leaked, and I'm thinking about trying out a Harmony remote as a replacement.) 


Bel Canto told me I needed the original remote to program a Logitech remote to mine. The problem is that I don't have a remote. They have no other answer except get a used one which comes on line every 4 years or so. Lol.
I wondered if anyone here is kind enough to let you 'borrow' his remote. I am sure you wouldn't mind paying shipping for the favor :)
I appreciate the thought but I'm gonna set up a send system and use the remoteless preamp in that system.i

If you have an android phone search for the appropriate APP to turn your cell into an RC. Bel Canto is one of many thats at the party.
I am in the same Bel Canto boat. I have a BC s300iP, a remote control ruined by ruptured batteries, and a desire to teach a Harmony remote the BC codes. If anyone were in a position to loan me their BC remote, I would be happy to pay shipping and return the favor in some way. 

Your still in luck, hows this https://newpotatotech.com/FLPR/Specifications/specifications.html Theres a list of compatible makes, Bel Canto is in.

There could be apps. Unless apple would rather force you into buying something, but I cant see them doing that ;)
Thanks for pointing to this. I prefer a regular remote, and also, I'd need a Lightning-to-30-pin adaptor to use the FLPR with my 5th Gen iPod Touch, which would make the setup kind of bulky. But it's good to know what options are out there, since I'm in kind of a bind. New Potato is selling the FLPR at half the list price right now.  

I would need the adapter also. It doesn't say where to get it. Thanks for the option.

The adaptor is pretty readily available from different sources. The fact that New Potato hasn't bothered to update the device to work directly with the Lightning connector, which Apple introduced 3 1/2 years ago, gave me pause. New Potato's TuneLink Home seems like an alternative, though. It functions as a stationary, omni-directional IR code transmitter that your iPhone/iPod directs via Bluetooth. No more expensive than the FLPR plus a Lightning adaptor. (It also turns your mobile device into a music player for your home stereo, if that's of any interest.) 

Right now, since I play most of my music via my computer and Audirvana Plus, I'm leaving my Bel Canto turned up to my usual maximum desired volume and controlling volume through the A+ remote app. Works, but still would like an actual remote control. 

By the way, Mike, earlier you posted that Bel Canto had "no other answer except get a used one...." Does that mean they had no RC's for your Pre2 to sell you?  
Bel Canto did not mention selling me a remote when I inquired. I assumed they no longer stock them. I would gladly buy one.
What is Audionirvana+ and am I missing something by plugging my MacBook into the DAC and playing it?

Bel Canto is able to sell me a new remote control for my s300iP. It's costing me $70, including shipping, a pretty penny considering I may only use it to program a universal RC before relegating it to backup duty. But I don't have much choice, and at least it's available.  

Audirvana Plus is one of several or handful of OS X music players that provide more refinement than iTunes can offer. Others are Amarra and Pure Music, and you'll find threads on these players on this site and others. 


Shame the marketing director isn't more on the ball in some cases especially on an item thats readily in demand and tooling and everything is already there. And at the rate people seem to lose remotes, thats another topic in itself. How do so many people lose such an important item. It seems common practice out there, Ive never lost one. A few got broken, by way dog I can admit to that, puppy gets a hold of it and so on. But Ive never actually lost one, seems impossible. 

Mine got ruined by batteries that suddenly erupted inside. I used the remote regularly, but the batteries just gave up the ghost one day, taking the remote with it. I called Duracell today, and they will pay for half the $70 cost of the replacement remote, plus give me a coupon for a pack of fresh batteries. If the batteries had been newer, they would have paid me the whole $70. So, I'm more than satisfied.