Universal Remote suggestions

Any suggestions for a universal, learning remote? I've been looking into the Philips Prontos, the Marantz RC5200 and RC9200 and the Sonys, but have read and heard conflicting reviews on all of these.

I'm tired of having so many remotes sitting about (and getting misplaced). While almost every remote I have claims to be "Universal," there are no codes for my EAD processor or Arcam DVD, so it's time to get a good learning remote. Any suggestions?
I've been using the Philips Pronto 2000/Docking station setup along with a Niles infrared repeater system in order to operate HT and satellite recievers located in an equipment closet. We can carry the handset from room to room and via the repeaters operate the gear in the closet. In the two years we have used it, we've had no problems. Easy "learning curve", easy to set up macros, good range, and as a bonus, decent looks (kind of like a PDA). Seems to be some good buys on the older monochrome versions now that the color screen and newer 6000 model are out.
I have used a number of universal remotes over the years. Including Sony, Marantz, and Pioneer. THE most user friendly universal remote I've ever come across was the Home Theater Master MX-500. (This from a guy with 3 racks full of gear and a dozen remotes.) I paid almost $200 for mine and thought it was a bargain. You can find them on the internet now, brand new, for just over $100.
I feel your pain. I too bought at least
3 Universal/Learning remotes, and yet NONE of them could work my Picture In PIcture(PIP), OR my DSP surround on my
TV! These were the RCA units that you get at Best Buy,
for around $50. Not to mention that my old
Panasonic vcr remote DOESN`T have an eject button,
and the Learning remote wouldn`t work that either.
Granted, my TV is a Toshiba from 1991. I called RCA, and they said that some of the codes from `90-`91 WON`T work
with their "new" codes. I realized that I`m better off
using my 5 remotes than paying for a remote that doesn`t
do half of what I want it to do.
I used to have one of those Sony Touchscreen Remote commanders.

If you want something that will control anything with an IR code and doesent take long to set up, go with one of those SOnys. Mine worked great, it controlled everything and was very simple to use. once i figured out how to program it, i had 7 different remotes programmed into it in about 5 minuits and i was done.

If you want something with cool graphics and highly customizable displays that can learn anything, control everything, and make you breakfast in the morning, get one of those top of the line Pronto's.
Not to hijack the thread but can any of these remotes control specialized function, i.e. looking up programs on digital cable and stuff like that. I briefly had a Marantz but it couldn't learn those funcitons so I ditched it. If there is something that truly does it all I'm interested. Thanks.
The best place I have found for remote info is www.remotecentral.com
I have yet to find a function that my Philips Pronto Pro can not learn (with the exception of flipping the LP's and putting a CD in the transport:~).

From my chair I operate both my HT gear (including Digital Cable Box, TV, Receiver, etc.) and my two channel on the other end of the room.
I've been using a Universal Remote Control, Inc. Programmed and Learning controller from Audio Advisor for over 3 years. It has a wide selection of preprogrammed settings, and can learn anything else including a few multi command keys. Excellent battery life, logical key setups for pre programmed keys. Easy to use. Nice fit in one hand. Right now it does my TV, DTV, VCR, DVD, Tuner CDP and Integrated Amp and I'm still not using all available devices. I am pleased with the value for $119.
The Pronto can be programmed to duplicate any function on any remote...including looking up programs on digital cable. I have mine programmed to turn on my amp, tv, dvd player, vcr and cable box and it's been programmed to perform specific macros like "Watch HBO" in which by pressing one button it turns on all the components and sets them to the proper playback settings, i.e. Dolby ProLogic setting on the amp, "Movie" setting on my Sony WEGA TV, proper cable channel on the cable box, etc. Then I have another macro labelled "HBO Off" in which all the boxes are returned to their default settings and turned off. Cool. I, like Slipknot1, use it in conjuction with a Niles repeater system to control two separate systems in two different rooms in my house. Cooler still. I'm doing this all with an original Pronto 1000 and see no need to upgrade. These can be had used for $100 or less.
Phillips tsu 6000 is the ticket . A new model is coming out with a larger color palate and some used 6000 models will show up here soon for about 400. Get one.