universal remote for hdtv home theater

I am asking this question for a non computer using friend he is looking for a universal remote he can use for his home theater set up. He has the whole ball of wax with hdtv cd dvd etc. and would like to use one remote instead of 8 or so. Ease of use is his main concern. Logitech Harmony 880 says it will do the job, will it? or is there something better?
Well, a Harmony would probably work well (I own a Harmony 859), but they require a computer connection to the internet for configuration purposes. If your friend is a non computer user, he is going to be depending on you to configure it and download it if the batteries ever die completely or he add/changes components.


I reccommend the Oneforall urc-9910. For under $40 or so it can control 9 seperate units. It is also a learning remote and does not require any computer imput. Mine can control my tube amp and also runs my remote controled room fan as well. Easy and effective.
I use a Marantz RC1400 retails for around 150.00 It is a hard button remote. Although not perfect, it does most of what ever a HT system would require. It can be programmed with either pre-set code or learn from existing remotes.
Also the function buttons on the LCD screen can be custom
named. Easy instruction book. Not a bad place to start and no computer required.
Try a Home Theater Master SL-9000. Many available on ebay - were originally 139.00, now ~65.00 new or ~20.00 used. No computer link necessary, simple to program, versitile and durable. Also, there is a helpful site "Remote Central" which reviews remotes.

I use a Home Theater Master MX-700 to control everything. It's very easy to use.