Universal Remote for Classe SSP25 Pre/Pro

After years of flawless service, my wonderful Classe SSP25 has a minor problem. The remote volume buttons are beginning to be unresponsive. I use it for home theater so the volume gets a robust workout. Not a major issue yet but will be eventually as I have no plans of tossing the processor. I've checked with Classe and they no longer sell the remote but offered to repair with unknown turnaround time and cost.

Therefore, it occurred to me that I may be able to use a universal remote in place of the original. Not being familiar with universals, but having been told by Classe to get a "learning" remote, I am wanting to know if anyone can guide me on recommended devices to purchase. My greater question is how to know if what you're buying will be compatible with the Classe unit??? Also, I don't want to spend much money since I mostly want the controller for on/off and volume control.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I have a Logitech Harmony One. I don't know if it is still available, but I just checked and it appears the Classe codes are available for download.

I assume the Classe has an IR remote, in which case the Logitech would work. It will also "learn" any codes that it doesn't already have.
Thank you Riffer. I found remanufactured Harmony One's for $149. Sounds like a great deal. Also wrote Classe and asked for suggestions. They have been very responsive thus far with previous questions.
Just learned something. Went to the Logitech site and found that you can enter a device and their database returns a result showing which of their remotes can be used with your device. My query was immediately answered with "All Harmony products can control this device". How cool is that! Now I'm a happy camper. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction Riffer.
I have a Harmony One for my HT system and it is awesome. But if you are only controlling your amp, it is overkill. I'm not sure if we are allowed to plug sites on here, but I just came across a deal on one of those "deal of the day" type of closeout web sites that has a lower-level Harmony 350 programmable remote for $19.99. PM me if you can't locate it yourself.