Universal Remote

I would like some suggestions about a universal remote. Also, if anyone knows of a on-line site where one could be purchased at a discounted price, give the Web address.
The Best Universal remote is either the Philips Pronto or Marantz RC 5000. (Identical remotes) They are touch screen computer programmable. Check out remotecentral.com for information on remotes.
I love my Marantz RC-2000. I don't like touchscreens because you can't feel where the button is without looking at the display. You can find them for sale quite often here on Audiogon.
The Marantz RC-2000 Mark II is the best remote for the money. It is very versatile and easy to use. It in easy to use as well without looking due to the raised buttons. I liked my first RC-2000 so much that I bought the Mark II. The Mark II's memory isn't volitile and the screen is easier to see than the earlier version. Anyway good luck.
I couldn't see the price they ask for the above remotes.I got the Home Theater sl-9000. Learning,+ most all the good codes.Saw one here for 60bucks used a week or so ago.I can get up and close my own drapes.
I love my Phillips Pronto -- Highly recommended if you want to spend ~$350. Programming may take some time to personalize it to your needs and the system in use.
Rotel RR990 very easy to program and use. It is the same as the one that comes with the Sunfire Theater Grande. I picked one up $75 on Ebay.