universal player that will plav dvd-audio?


I have a NAD universal player and its nice for cd and sacd.

However it is finicky about dvd-audio and will not play dvd-audio discs that I burn myself. It will play commercial dvd-audio discs.

I am looking for a unit that will let me make my own dvd-audio discs.

Does the Oppo actually let you do that? I know it plays dvd-audio but will it play the ones I make myself?


Yes, Oppo does it all but it is impossible to be certain about the DVD-As that you make without testing them. Oppo offers a 30-day return trial, so you can find out for yourself.

See: https://www.oppodigital.com/Support_Store.aspx
Esoteric P-03U Universal transport and UX-1/Limited play all formats including DVD-A. See Esoteric docs on both. Note they will play HDCDs too but only as Redbook CDs; there is no HDCD decoding chip for the extra 4-bits of info on either unit but frankly, I never felt I was missing anything when popping an HDCD into either unit given their level of RBCD playback.
The Oppo BDP-93/95/103/105 will all play DVD-Audio discs. I have *rarely* found a disc the Oppo will not play - including homemade DVD-Audio, they are truly great players.

Additionally, they also play HDCD discs and there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality over regular Redbook CDs.

And analog from the BDP-95 and 105 is remarkably good.

Send one of us a disc you made and we will try it out? I've got a 103 & 105 to test it on.
As Elevick mentioned, send us a disc and we'll give you some feedback. I have a BDP-93 that has just come back from repair by Oppo.

And if you'd like to hear some truly astonishing multichannel DVD-Audio discs, contact me offline and I'm sure you'll be glad you did...