Universal player sought

Im looking for a good value in a universal player in the less than 800 dollar range new or used. The requirement is that it must have a headphone jack that is sufficient to use with Senn 600's. I Plan to use this unit in a small second system that will eventually be usesd to also play movies. However, I will use the system primarily for audio with headphones. I have a first rate main system. I am not looking for an expensive high end piece to use in this system. However, I will be playing SACDs and may occassionaly pop this unit into my two channel system when i send the SACD for mods. Again, I dont have a big budget for this piece so great value/bang for the buck is essential.

Thanks in advance.
Does the Sony 9000 have a headphone jack? Ive seen and read on the 9000 but cant find info on the headphone jack issue. thankyou for your reply. yes, the price is right.
You may want to give a listen to Yamaha's universal player. I own the Yamaha s2300 mkII universal and think it is a fine player of all formats. It has headphone jack but I haven't used it so can't comment on that aspect. You can find one used when available for about $600.
The 9000ES does not have a headphone jack. In fact, very few high end players do. I've had great results with the Shanling T100 (CD only, used price about $1k) and T200 (CD and SACD, used price more like $1,700). The Shanling headphone outs are fed by tubes so you can roll to your heart's delight. But this gets out of your budget.

The HD600's need some juice to drive them well. On an $800 budget, I'd suggest something like the Poineer 47ai universal player (CD, SACD, DVD-A, and DVD) which can be had in the used market here for $400 or so. Then visit www.head-fi.org and spend some time in the forums there to see what you can do with the other $400 for a dedicated headphone amp. You will be surprised at all of the options out there, both new and used.