Universal player or Naim cd5i with Naim Nait 5i

I listen to a lot of blues, jazz, and rock in high-rez formats. Speakers Infinity Intermezzo 2.6 powered version with Naim Nait5i integrated. I may change to Naim Allae or smaller Naim speakers.
My question is:
The nait 5i will accept rca plugs so I have some flexibility. I have had a Denon dvd-2900 and currently have Denon dvd-3910 in my other main system. I have been very pleased with the audio perfomance and value of these two players. DOES ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE OR THOUGHTS ABOUT USING A DVD-2900 WITH THE NAIT VERSUS THE NAIM CD5i?
I dont have any experience but here are my thoughts.
Unless you have a good collection on SACD or DVDA or whatever, I would go with the CD5i. My guess is that you have a larger collection redbook Cds and from what Ive been reading, the future of Hi rez discs is uncertain.
From experience, the CD5i really excells at the kind of music you listen to. Get the Naim and have a toe-tapping , head-bobbing, air guitar playing good time. Naim gear just draws you into the music.
You can thank me later :^)
Hi Coopster, "I'll second the recommendation by Emil. As The Naim CD5i, is one of the only CDP's I had in my SS system of last year. And along with a Nait 2 & Vienna Acoustics Haydns' wired with Harmonic Technologies Truth-Link & Pro 11+ Cables.......................,It was indeed, a beautiful sounding & very Musical System."

Both Emil and Oscar have given you very solid advice. Universal players at that price point are somewhat of a sacrifice. I mean I own over 1000 Redbook CDs and 10 SACDS. I was considering purchasing a Marantz Uni player and settled on a CARY for my Redbook CDs and use a Sony SCD 222es for my SACDs and entertaining as it is a changer. The NAIM CD5i is an awesome sounding unit. Buy it and be happy.

Good Luck!