Universal disc player

I am looking for a universal disc player in the under $2000 range. My preference list so far consists of the Marantz DV9500, Onkyo DV 1000, Denon DVD 3910 or the McCormack UDP-1. I am leaning towards the Denon because of the ease of upgrade mods that are available for future tweaking. Could I get some opinions? I really want video upscaling, fantastic Red Book and DVA-A, SACD playback. Which is the best of all worlds?? Thanks for any help.
consider the Muse model 11. I own the model 9 and love the sound and picture.
I have a UDP-1 coming. You'll get a full report, tho mine cost 3K, a little more than what you thought. I listen to large-scale Classical, so the machine will be put through the paces. I'll be listening for sweet strings, focused deep bass, and the all-important mid-bass bloom--the 'torso' of the orchestra. Will it be a six-pack? Or flabby. We'll see....
Jdaniel, please report back on your findings of the UDP-1. Like you, I also listen to large scale classical and would be interested in learning about the performance of the UDP-1. Thanks.
I listen to a lot of jazz, and vocal jazz to be exact. I also listen to quite a bit of hard rock (I know, odd for a Maggie owner). My limited classical listening is confined to mainly small orchestral works (Mozart, Hayden). Any suggestions based on that??
Forget the Mccormack, It had mediocre measurements from Stereophile. Said it was not transparent enough to reveal the difference between cd and sacd or dvd-audio. Also, I believe it downconverts from dsd to pcm, rather than reproduce true dsd. I've had my Marantz DV 9500 for about 3 weeks now and it sounds fabulous. It's very well made and the disc drawer sounds solid and substantial when it opens and closes. Mods are now available for it and it may end up being the most popular of all universal players for mods.