Universal Digital Player With Digital Inputs?

Does anyone know of a universal format (CD/SACD/DVD-A) digital player that has digital inputs? Also are there any CD/SACD players with the same?
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Do you mean outputs ?
That would be great for a media server. Get the universal player modded for great one-box sound, then still have a digital input to connect your dedicated PC (personal computer) media server. That way you can have it all.

But, no, sorry I do not know of such a beast.
Any such player would be illegal, but it might exist via modification.
Aroc, that's exactly the use I'm looking for. All I want to do is access the D/A of the universal player with an external digital source.
I do know of the Wadia 850 with digital ins and outs, but it is not a universal player. Seems you can get one or the other, a combo would be wonderful.

The Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD has digital inputs. Although it is not a "universal" player, I have found that mine will actually read most DVD-A disks.

What would make this player illegal? I can't see how using the digital output from a computer sound card connected to the input of a universal player would cause any legal issues for anyone. Lots of high end CD players have digital inputs. Some that come to mind are Cary 306/200, Resolution Audio Opus 21, the previously mentioned Tri-Vista and many more. What would be the difference for a universal player? I think you are confusing this issue with the issue of "Digital Output" of hi-resolution digital.

Please correct me if I'm wrong....