unity gain active tube preamp?

Short version: I am looking for a unity gain active tube preamp. The only one I have found on-line is the Audion line (Premier 2.0 is more or less in my price range). Not really familiar with them. I was wondering whether there were other preamps like this worth considering???

Longer: I have a Lampi Atlantic Plus Balanced DSD only dac, a Cary SLP-05 pre, a Modwright KWA-150se power amp, all driving Aerial Model 9 speakers. This combination has too much gain (Lampi has 3v output voltage, Cary maxes at 2v). I am using Endler attenuators to control the gain (before pre works better than before power), but they impair dynamics.

Some on the Lampi Circle recommend a passive, but I prefer a richer tone. The Tortuga pre sounds like it might work, but it is an impedance mismatch for my system and I would need to use their tube buffer as well. That buffer would require me to use another set of ics and possibly another PS (more damn boxes) and i don't really want to go that route. Also, their buffer is brand new and lacks the clear positive feedback of their passives.

So, I had been told that there were zero gain active tube press that might work for me. However, when i did a search I could only find the one. Please let me know if there are other options.

Thanks much.
A simple cathode follower tube preamp would be an easy DIY project.  Many years ago I did that using a 6SN7 as the cathode follower.  The audio circuit was very simple: volume control to 6SN7 to output coupling capacitor.  You can make the power supply as simple or as elaborate as you want.
This Musica Bella Spirit X is a tube preamp with HT bypass.  Bill can customize any circuit to your needs.
Thanks. Btw, my setup is fully balanced.
The musica Bella looks nice but has 15.5 D'bronx gain. I am looking for zero gain. Thanks.
Audio Research has been using it for years. I have had it an LS26 and now my REF5, and find theirs to be the easiest to switch to. I looked at other brands and they have it, but complicate the switching from 2 channel to unity gain. Audio Research just lets you press "proc" on the remote un-mute and your in. It automatically mutes when you press it. As a longtime McIntosh owner, their instructions, to my understanding, call for turning the unit off and on in processor mode. I think Cary is similar.
if looking used, and LS26 or Ref3 have it, I am not sure about prior units.
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Theo, aren't the zero gain outputs on the AR ("record outputs") for tape only?
A used Musical Fidelity X-10v3 tube output buffer. My friend uses one and it works wonderfully for digital playback.
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Give Roger Modjeski at Music Reference a call. He builds one-off pre-amps, and is a proponent of zero-gain or passive designs of such.
A used Musical Fidelity X-10v3 tube output buffer.


"If you want that tube warmth"
Yes this is good but you need to also get a passive VC (volume control) before it. More $$$

Musical Fidelity have the same circuit in their Xcan-V3, but with normal size tubes, not the mini 6112 that are in the X10-V3.

But you get with the Xcan-V3, a passive volume control built in, and a headphone jack as well.
So this Xcan-V3 has all you need, but both units do have just a touch of gain (1 or 2db) above unity.

Cheers George
Why not have a custom SET- DHT  preamp made for you ? I have a SET with only 
1- stage is by far the purist active stage you can get .100% Transformer coupled 
Lundahl, orMonolithe , Tango,or whatever your budget could afford . Myself 5 transformers ,3 choke filter supplies ,all 4- pole output caps and bypassed with MundorfSilver oils the latest Shunt,relay remote from Khozmo. No coupling capacitors at all in the signal path.
Amorphous core Audio output transformers , Silver  if your budget can go the extra $2k Mile. Something to ponder though the Russian 4P1L tube is considered by many one of the most linear with lowest plate resistance but still have plenty of gain . Did you know the Vast majority of preamplifier have 2 ,or more stages 
indirect triodes .mean double the circuitry,and wiringplus regulators . You would have to spend well over $10-15k what this DHT can accomplish in purity for $6k.
No commercial markup .myself being in the Audio business before know the production markup and only 25% of the cost at most goes into the product ,including the case. Custom over 70%  goes into the build and the parts quality 
is  Much higher - premium quality.Nothing was spared in the build process. Longevity,as well as lower distortion is the 
final result of precision hand built engineering . It took me over 30 years to except 
this fact but true .Amplifiers are another animal all together they are Loudspeaker dependent . 
Custom is an interesting idea. I will look into Music reference. Any others your recommend? 

After a quick search, Tube Audio Lab looks interesting.
Further about the  Schiit Freya that was already mentioned:  It is balanced.  Has pure passive and JFET buffered unity gain output options.  Also has 6SN7 tube output with significant gain (13 db?) as a third output option.  Has finely adjustable volume control.   The price is very reasonable.
Someone from audiocircle asked NickT at Schiit, the Freya tube output gain is 10 dB single-ended and 20 dB balanced.
Maybe the tube section can be modified to unity gain?
Thanks. Btw, my setup is fully balanced.

We've done buffer-style versions of our preamps on occasion per customer requests. Our preamps were the first balanced preamps made.
Schiit Freya

+1 Three in one with balanced 

Cheers George