Unity Audio Signature One

I bought these speakers but I'm able to find a brochure or any reviews on the net on these speakers. I understand that Stereophile carried a review several years - Is there any way to grab hold of the review? Many thanks.
These are really nice speakers, I still own my pair which I purchased new around 1992. Go to the Cerious Audio website, I found the original sales brochures there, here is the link.


or just for the Signature Series


The review was in Stereophile try going to their website and see if you can bring it up.

Hope this helps.

I would still be interested in a used pair of these as I also owned them back in 1994 and stupidly sold them !!! Nice speakers ...I will look for the review as I used to have the Sterophile Magazine that the review was in...I will look
I've got a pair too. They were hooked up to my second system that was in our spare bedroom. When my son was born, I consolidated the system into a headphone-based system, and put these up for sale. When my wife found out, she "ordered" me to keep them because she liked to listen to them. The speakers were paired with my Pass Aleph Os had a very warm and sweet mids that she felt very relaxing listening to them.

They've been used as HT speakers right now until we finalize our home remodeling project.

I have a pair of Unity Audio but could not have enough information to clarify whether it is CLA-1 or Signature 1 or other? Anybody has information about this range?