units without an actual ground pin on the unit AC outlet...

There seem to be many placebos in many things in life.  In audio gear, there seems to be many units that show an outlet to connect a power cord to, but with simply the two AC pins with no ground pin.  Are these manufactures trying to just make those high-end cords useable, or at they thumbing their nose at consumer intelligence?  Or is this another thing that Nixon started? 


With IEC connectors, you can still use 3 pin cables.

It's entirely legal, and a good idea if the device is double shielded, and it has an added benefit of not causing a ground loop.

The ground pin is a safety ground, not a signal ground. It is designed to carry enough current to allow the fuse to trip in case of a short to the outside case.

My wooden cased subwoofer for instance has no ground pin.


Whatever did you do before polarized piugs?
I mark 'em with a black sharpie.
Gee, in my years in working on electronics on B-52 and KC-135 and 20 + years in electronics after the military, I did learn a bit.  And yes, manufactures of many things, and politicians like to think you are dim.  

It kind of explains obese Americans that are still undernourished. 

Polarity and ground pins are not the same thing.  But the replies so far tell me what I need to understand. 

1-15P only require 2 blades, the electronic device is suppose to be double insulated if it uses this type of connector.
Not only audio but coffee pots, electric drills, hair dryers there are a lot of appliances that are rated II or □
So now the ground pin and polarity are responsible for undernourished obesity. This thread has forged new lows in electrical misinformation, and in remarkably few posts. Good work, team!
Through consumer products and politics, placebos/fakes have been very successful.
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