Unison Unico experience?

Has anyone listened to the hybrid Unison Unico integrated amplifier? The reviews look good, but I want to hear from someone who has first "ear" experience. Thanks -Durr
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nice pleasant sound, but make sure your dealer will stand behind them.
It is a great sounding integrated for the price. It does tend to sugar-coat the sound a bit which can be a good or bad thing depending on your taste and system set up. For the money it is really hard to beat.

Very musical, powerful bass, sweet midrange, and highs that are never harsh or grainy. You can also tube roll, which means you can change the sound a little by changing the pre-tubes. I replaced Conrad Johnson Sonogrape pre/power combo with it, and the Unico beats it in all respects. But make sure it is properly warmed up before listening/judging performance, it took 36 hours for mine to start to shine again after being unplugged.
I had the Unico for about 3-4 months and did not like the sound at all. I tried a few different tubes (e.g. Mullard, Jan Phillips) but found it to be very veiled and lifeless with a slow, thick midbass and bass.

I really wanted to like the Unico because of its great built quality and remote and was hoping to replace a Jolida all tube unit but it did just not work in my system (at the time; Unic CDP, Unico integrated, Mission 753 and Spendor S3/5). For similar or less money, I used a Audio Aero Prima, Linn Wakonda/LK85, Jolida 302b, Rega Mira all of which I liked much more than the Unico on the mentioned speakers.

Just my opinion though...