Unison Unico decision....

Hi everyone,
I have finally decided on an amp brand to match up with my new Gallo Reference III speakers and Cary 306/200 CD player, but I need help deciding which one would be the better choice.
I have decided on a Unison Amp, but have three choices within their lineup which I cannot decide between.
1) Unison Unico Regular
2) Unison Unico with the Level 2 mod from Underwood HiFi
3) Unison Unico SE - just reviewed by ST this month

All three have great reviews. Questions are....is the upgrade worth the money? How will the extra power help my system? Any other things I should keep in mind looking at these three? Thank you all for your time.

Doesnt seem to be a lot of chatter about integrateds around here....
I am interested in finding out what you decide on and how you like it.
Any other things I should keep in mind looking at these three?

Yes, one thing: There are many better hybrid or tube amps out there. Take a look at the Audio Aero Prima hybrid. It might have been just a bad match with my speakers, but the Unico was the most veiled, lifeless amp I tried out (Audio Aero Prima, Jolida 302, Linn Wakonda LK85, Rega Mira). I really wanted to like the Unico: It has excellent built quality and a remote!, but the sound made it impossible. I tried Mullard tubes and the Jan Phillips in it, without good results either way. Maybe a different set of tubes might do.

Of course this is just my experience and if you like to pursue the Unico: I would like to advise to go with a used standard Unico for around $900, try it out for a while and see how you like it. The modded Unico or the new SE are only available new and will result in a substantial loss, if you decide you do not like it. Alternatively a dealer with a good return policy might work.

Speedball: There is quite some information on integrateds here on audiogon: Do a search for Blue Circle CS, Audio Aero Prima, Jolida 302, Prima Luna, etc. There are many excellent and promissing integrated amps in this price range available. Threads on the Unico have gotten awefully quiet lately, though.

Good luck,