Unison Research Unico vs. Pathos Clasic MKII

Has anyone able to compare these two? They are about the same price.
I had both units with Triangle Celius speakers.The Unico had the level 2 mod from UnderwoodWally(Chris Johnson)
Using the Jolida 100 CDP the Pathos SMOKED the Unico!!!!!!
I could not believe the distence between the two units.
Old Sam T. was right about the Pathos in being a great amp but running with $20,000.00 amps? I am sure others can write about that statement as I have not heard amps in that price range.
Pathos MK2 a clear winner in my book.

Did that help you out?

Never owned a Unico, but last April-Sept '05 I owned a new Pathos Classic MKII for maybe 80 hours of play. Fantastic aesthetics, hard to match, and very pleased by the way it worked with my Cains and Shanling. Terry Cain suggested that running tubes with his Abbys would surprise me ... and he was totally correct. So, I replaced the Pathos with a tube amp. Nevertheless, the Pathos is nice amp, that's for sure.
Gary and Arkprof,

Thanks for your opinions. I am looking to replace my Arcam A90 with something more tube-like. Thinkin of a tube preamp with SS amp.
I listened to both paired to Omega speakers. While not a serious comparison, I liked the Pathos.