Unison Research Triode 25 vs Prima Luna Dialoge

These integrated amps are about the same price. What do you think of them. The triode 25 does not have all of the prima luna features.
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The PrimaLuna has a superb build quality and sound. They are built like tanks! The auto bias feature is great!

The Prima stuff is very nice but their is a magic in the Triode 25 that is very hard to beat, and the Triode 25 can be purchased with a built in dac, which is a very nice combo.

I have an S6 which is basically the same circuit with an extra pair of output tubes and the midrange is incredible, sound stage is huge and the bass is surprisingly good.

The Triode 25 requires a good match with a pair of speakers if the match is good you will have more magic with the Unison then the Prima.
I have to say that the magic of the DiaLogue Premium running EL34's in triode is pretty amazing. They will both sound good. I would consider the following: Resale value, build quality, and serviceability. Service really means not having to deal with something breaking.

You can go to the PrimaLuna website and look inside to make pretty exacting observations. It may be hard to look inside the Triode 25 but here is a link you can cut and paste