Unison Research Simply Italy or Primaluna Dialogue

Searching for a small tube integrated for 93dB single-drive speaker. Remote control is a must, so the Sophia Baby and Leben are out. For under $3K the priority lies in tonal color, satuation, liquidity and coherence (for vocal and classical). I know there are other popular alternatives like Cary Sli-80 and Manley Stigray, but let's narrow down to Unison Research Simply Italy and Primaluna Dialogue int.

Has anybody heard both? I like Primaluna's flexibility to fit different tube types, but when power rating is not an issue, using less output devices (one single tube per channel with the Simply Italy) normally yields better purity.
Hi , im not familiar with the primaluna but I have a unison research Unico for 8 yrs now! One thing I can say its a very sweet sounding amp. My speakers are the Triangle Celius , very easy to drive speakers. Highs are very extended in my set up. Limited on the lower bass bec. It's only 80 watts , but lows still sound great! Not for Rock n Roll ! I replace the tube with a mullard 12au7 something. I like this amp very much. Hope that helps. Oh cable matching is important!

Any Simply Italy owners here?
I owned the Primaluna D2 and the Stingray and the Manley absolutely crushes the PLD2. Not even in the same hemisphere...
I listened to both and now own both the simply italy and a primaluna. The simply italy is a very sweet sounding little baby. The primaluna has more detail and definition and is hard to fault, when driving a warmer speaker the primaluna would be a better fit.
I've finally chosen the Simply Italy and have thoroughly enjoyed it for more than 2 years now. No regrets and the Simply Italy just keeps sounding better, sweeter, and more involving.