Unison Research Performance integrated amplifier

Any opinions for this amp, please!
I owned the Unison Research Unico SE hybrid integrated. 140 wpc into 8 ohm and 225 at 4 ohm. Preamp used 2 EH or Mullard 6922 tubes. I thought that it was one of my favorite amps that I have owned. I sold it when I switched to a speaker that was 86db 4 ohm. The unison was better paired with a speaker that was 90 db efficient into 6 or 8 ohm load. As always, synergy plays an important role in what you may experience in your own system.
Now i have Unico SE. I want to change my amplifier for the Performance. Unison Research Performance is tube amplifier 45W/ch.
If your speakers and musical tastes will allow, I think the Performance will be a very nice upgrade for you.
Speakers is Sonus faber Amati anniversario
Not sure about the Performance but I had the Unison S6 before. Nice midrange and high but the bass a bit slow and light for me.
Splendid amp, don't worry about the bass: it offers plenty of it, it's more a matter if your speakers are good enough. Have owned it for three years now, Tungsol 6550 makes a fantastic match as for tubes.