Unison Research Hybrid Integrated Amp: How Good?

I have read all the available reviews about this unit, but there are no UR dealers within 200 miles to audition the unit. Sam Tellig loved this piece back in 2005, but he tends to love almost everything he reviews.... I saw a review online in 6moons which was very positve but that was 5 years ago and the remote looked different....Therefore, I would like some input from members who have had owned and have experience with this integrated including its tube phono stage. I have read some negative comments that it lacks dynmanics compared to other IA's, and that the high end is a bit rolled off. I currently have a pair of Silverline Preludes(nice speaker, but....) which will eventually be replaced by Totem Hawks or Forests, or Vandersteen 2CE.... All comments and opinions welcome. Thanks Jim
Not sure about the Prelude sensitivity rating, but I'm fairly sure you'd be much happier, and totally impressed, by the Unison tube amps/integrateds. Upscale Audio has some nice prices for same listed in their "sale/pre-owned" section, and the Unisons listed are new. In fact, compared to prices found elsewhere, Upscale prices on these Unison amps are great bargains. These are great performers, and you won't look back if you can go with one of them.
Each time someone asks about these wonderful integrateds I feel I must post. I just loved my Unico-- I had it for several years and changed to separates when I started reviewing audio gear. I never liked my separates as much as the Unico I used to have and I often fantasized about going back to it and ditching the separates (and the reviewing gig for that matter!!)
I heard a Unico SE also-- and that was just a fabulous piece too. All this about rolled off highs and dynamcs--- it will all fade when you hear this equipment. This gear for me, made music in a way many of my separate pieces never quite did. Maybe it's because the Unico stuff is so well thought out and INTEGRATED into one case-- and I was mixing and matching separates.
I dont know-- but you'd be hard pressed to beat a unico or an SE. The Simaudio integrateds are faster and punchier-- maybe too much so for my taste. But to me-- the Unicos beat them in terms of tone and in terms of midrange beauty.
The SE has tremendous punch. The little guy aint bad either and may have a slight edge in mids-- but very slight.
Yah-- Sam Tellig loves everyone and everything (if you want honesty-- read Stereomojo-- and no, I dont write for them). For once in his life, ole Sammy was right. "The Unico is fantastico."