Unison Research Aria S-2, any feedbacks out there?

Am looking at the Aria S2 by Unison Research (12 wpc class A single ended pentode made in Italy). I'll be pairing it with the Triangle Titus @ 90 db. Any Aria S-2 owners here or anybody heard this little integrated? Comments appreciated.
If you're close to NJ than you can make a trip to Audio Odissey and audition them with Triangle.
the unison research amps are quite popular in europe and the uk countries. if you are looking at hybrid amps, consider the pathos amps, especially the twin towers (or TT as it is renamed now for obvious reasons ). i'm told that the pathos works well with avangarde, vienna acoustics speakers although i'm sure there are other synergistic options out there. you would need fairly sensitive speakers for both the pathos and the unison research.

good luck !
...it's still OK to call them Twin Towers. They're much more expensive than ARIA S2.