unison intergrated what speakers?

unison cd and intergrated what speakers i listen to jazz in a 12 by 10 room don't want to spend over 1500.00 thanks...any suggestion with cables interconnects and speakers wires...
Soliloquy 6.2's or Meadowlark Kestrel 2's both work nicely with the Unison Unico. Used Synergistic Research Res. Ref. as well as Audience AU24 for cabling and IC's... both were fine.
6.2s will not work in a 12x10 room IMO - they just won't be able to breathe. I think you are probably best off with monitors like the JM Lab Electra 906 or Reference 3A MM deCapo. Good luck! Arthur
I am using Triangle Antals with great results, very dynamic, transparent, and great bass. However, the Antals may be too bass heavy for your room. The six moon audio review of the Unico did indeed recommend this combination, you might try smaller Triangle floorstanders.
thanks i am considering all and i am familiar with all would like a dealer around but thanks is anyone using the cd amp combo?
I'll second Soliloquy as a great match. I've heard the Unico paired with two different pairs of 5.3's in both a room of about the same dimensions as you quote with 8' ceilings, as well as a much larger room with no close sidewalls and a 9' ceiling. That combination shined in both locations and did not overload the smaller room, though bass was definitely reinforced there. If anything I thought it a bit lacking in the low end without the side walls and corners. No experience with the 6.2's though, but I think the 5.3's produce a bit more low end (three drivers vs. two in a slightly larger enclosure). 6.2's may offer a bit more midrange nuance I'd bet. Regardless, my experience is that is a great match.

I did also have JM Lab Cobalt 807's hooked up to the Unison Unico as well. From there went to the Soliloquy 6.2's. The room was 11'6" by 11'6" with 8' ceiling. They did suprisingly well considering the square room, I would recommend the combo. Those were just my personal experiences. I am sure there are others out there that would do well also.