unique tonearm Brooklyn Bridge

A few years ago, an audio shop in Northern New Jersey was selling a tonearm that looked like a strucural bridge element, anybody know who made them and perhaps where to buy one?
I have one and I'll sell you either it or the bridge itself at a good price! LOL Seriously, need more info; there was a British arm in the old days which claimed to be based on Isombard Kingdom Brunel's original tube bridge design, Zeta, Rega??? There have been several arms something like you describe but most of them were in the 70s or 80s. Couldn't have been a TriPlanner [sp.?] could it?
no, it was manufactured within the past 5 years, a audio retailer in Northern NJ who specializes in analog playback had it on his website, it was wooden, triangular, very unique and it was suppose to sound good too!
I know which one you are talking about. It looked like the arm of a crane - triangular form when viewed from head-on with side braces between the three main lengthwise elements (side braces also formed triangles with the lengthwise elements forming the third side of the triangle.

I remember red highlights for some reason, and a north European origin.

I remember seeing this at the same time as a Scheu tonearm, and for some reason I think it may have been the original or prototype version of the Scheu Cantus, but I am not sure. I'll have another think...

Alternatively, there was once a Norwegian tonearm (WKarlson?) which looked like it would have a lot of rigidity but a HUGE amount of horizontal mass, but that was made of metal, not wood.
T bone, you're right on, that's the one, any idea who made it?
Okay a shot in the dark here but since it appears T bone could be on the right track perhaps you should give Tom Hills a call at Hudson Audio in NJ. If it is a prototype Scheu arm he would know because Hudson Audio is the Scheu importer. Even if it's not related to the Scheu he may still know as Hudson audio specializes in analog equipment. Worth a shot.
There may be no relation to Scheu. I just remember seeing them at the same time, and note the acrylic Cantus has that same shape. I was probably associating things which had no association other than their proximity in my memory.

There was a tonearm designed by Randolph Hedgebeth, an architect, and it was called the Golden Gate. It was made of wood, in a truss or spaceframe structure. This may be what we are thinking of. But I remember (or don't as the case may be) something a little bit better made than the picture I could find on the web.
yes, thank you, it was the Golden gate, I had the wrong bridge, wrong coast, a retailer in New Jersey had one on his website, any idea how to contact the designer?
Google is your friend. :^)
T bone you are right. The person to call is Hart of Audio Advancement in New Jersey. He is the person that first showed the arm to the public some years ago. Last year I discussed the arm(Golden Gate)with him. He is the person to shed more light on it. I cannot repeat what was discussed in a public forum.
Here's a pic of another similar arm ( personal non commercial) by the late Dave Whittaker of Aura Turntable.


Thanks. That is a way cool tonearm, and from what one can see of it, it is beautifully engineered with respect to the "problems" inherent to a pivoted tonearm. I'd love to see more detailed photos from more angles.
Hi Lewn,

From a quick search on the net, I'd found 2 more pics. It's made from balsa wood and an unipivot I think.


Well Lew... someone is a fan of the L-07D arm...
Jaspert, Thanks for the URLs, but both of them lead me to blank pages with no photos.

Travis, Possibly because I was not able to view the photos, I do not understand your reference to the L07J (what the cognoscenti know to be the model designation of the L07D tonearm). As for me, I would not say that I am a "fan". There are some things about it that do not fulfill modern ideas of tonearm perfection. But the proof is in the pudding, and it does produce good music with both my Koetsu and my Stanton 980LZS. I look forward to running the wires straight from the cartridge thru to my preamp. That should be "awesome". I suspect the arm tube and headshell are very very well damped; resonant colorations are very very low.
The photos (which may be being blocked by a popup blocker (I can see them still, on an iPad tethered to an iPhone in the back of a cab in Tokyo - I LOVE cool technology like this) show the Aura TT with three arm pods, one holding the black balsa creation of Mr. Whittaker and the other two holding L-07J tonearms. My comment was just in relation to a comment you made on the arm in one thread (something about how it didn't have many fans as I recall). I agree with you on all points on the tonearm (though I tend to think of it as pleasing coloration rather than absolute lack of it). Cheers!
I have a hunch that the colorations the L07J may impart are due to the multitude of physical contacts in the signal path and possibly to their choice of Litz wire in the headshell, the tonearm body, and in the IC, plus the "sound" of that DIN plug with its huge contact pins. I will be able to say that more definitively after I bypass the whole shebang. Anyway, I like the net product of the L07D and its tonearm a whole bunch, as I have already stated ad nauseam. If you have not inserted an EMI/RFI shield between the base platter and the platter sheet, you may be missing something. I did it with a piece of TI Shield from M Percy. Makes a difference.

Sorry for the OT comment.
Looks like Brooklyn Bridge!!
Randy Hegebeth in Oregon or Washington I believe.