Newb to the speaker world and so need lots of advice.
Am getting a great deal on a mint pair of Kharma Grand Midi Ceramique 3.2
These are certified by Kharma to be the ONLY ones ever made of Bamboo.
Are they worth $17000?
Which amps would be suitable?

My room size is 14ft x 28ft.
Do not pay extra for the 'unique' cabinet. (If bamboo turns you on like no other stuff, then maybe..)
You can think of them as unique, or as a white elephant, there may be way more reason than one they never made another pair!!
So to a newbie.. Stay away. You have no idea why they never made another pair in bamboo. The cabinets may be not so great? they may not have as much value as you would be 'told' by the parties selling them.
i would just stay away unless they are a 40% discount or such over new (if new). Or less than the used prices are usally.
On the plus side, they probably are well made, as any one off of a well known brand would be. but they are not worth any more than any other cabinet material. And in fact are probably worth less (perhaps the zeal with which they are being offered should be a warning clue? And if they are such a great deal, someone else would have grabbed them way before you ever saw them...)
Well said Elizabeth!
If you can get a discount and not have your listening room next to the Panda exhibit, you should be okay.
Elizabeth is right. Less is more! Less for you more for them.
I am getting more than 40% discount and the sound quality is also to my liking. Slightly on the warm side, which I quite like. Treble is not bright at all and vocals are lifelike. Slightly lacking in the bass though.
But the best part is their vanishing act. They just disappear in the soundstage.
So I'm more or less sold on these...
Any amp recommendations...
You're willing to spend $17K on a set of speakers which are "slightly lacking in the bass"?

I think you need to look around a bit more.
Considering second hand value as anything of relevance, if so, do not fall for this. An expensive option like this won't hold any long second hand value. The market is flooded with new used gear every day. Perhaps you should consider what a normal pair would cost second hand.
Consider getting a Digeridoo to quench your musical bamboo urges, much cheaper.
I agree with Elizabeth in the first post; if you consider the Bamboo finish as a sort of spectacular one, you can pay a little bit extra than usual, if not, you must follow uniquely the sound quality as the only primary goal...

I'm an owner of one pair of Grand Ceramique Midi after many many years of changing items and find them excellent especially for the 3d soundstage.
About bass response they do have a very fine extension in the lower region but they don't have so great "punch" as other speakers with different design and components.
hope that it will be useful
Iso, that's hilarious! It would at least sound real.