UniField 3 Mk II

Just took delivery (from an Audiogoner, thanks Billy!) of a pair of VSA Unifield 3 MkII, set up in a 15 by 24 room, now being driven by a 70 wpc KT150 Lyric Ti140 integrated (thanks Alfred!) playing music from an old Marantz SA8001 and need to say that these speakers exceed my hopes and expectations. My other system has Vandy 5As, and this set up in this big room rivals what I hear from the bigger setup. Playing Dylan Red River Shore on repeat, and wonder how it gets much better.
Hello I would like to know how you feel about the Unifield iii's a year later. I heard a pair of the mk 1's at RMAF in 2009 and thought they sounded amazing. I am still right now seriously interested in purchasing a set  but have a reservation about an old Absolute Sound reviewer saying they mid bass was somewhat 'wooley'.

For 28 years I have owned a set of B&W 801 ii's with Northcreek crossovers and other upgrades. and for however one might knock the old 801's, they have fantastic deep tight bass tone (now with the Mundorf Supreme caps and huge open air core inductors). B&W had the cabinet right and then used the crappiest crossover parts money could buy.

I just heard a pair of Daedalus Ulysses speakers at AXPONA and am very seriously considering them as an alternative in similar price point. I want to buy a set this year. 28 years ago the B&W's were just the ticket for ZZ Top and Robin Trower and Elvin Bishop and Frank Zappa etc. , but times and tastes have changed. Thanks, Heathman
Former Daedalus Ulysses and Athena ownwr here. You can't go wrong with Daedalus speaker. They are wonderfully musical. They have great tight and punchy bass, huge dynamics both micro and macro.

I currently use pure Audio Project Horn1 speaker. Can't recommend them highly enough. Spooky realism with all kinds of music. 
Hello Heathman,

I just saw this; one year later am still enamored with these speakers.  I have zero regrets, none at all.   On the best recordings they are magical, and on less than best they still allow me to be involved in the music.  In my big system, Vandersteen 5A, the music can have a bit more weight, all around a better presentation, but these little Unifields, they are wonderful.
i upgraded from the marantz to a Luxman CD/SACD player, a D-05U. I love my system!  I gave the Marantz, plus some Classe gear (DR5 pre, DR8 monoblocks) to a friend.  He is enjoying them.


I recently purchased a pair Unifield 3 (not the MKII). I wonder how you wire the speakers. I currently use 2 pairs of Audience AU24 SE but it’s not easy to connect to my Ayre AX5 Twenty integrates since it only has one set of spade terminals.