unidentifiable grados

hello there i recently got a set of grade headphones off a friend but i am unable to work out the model all they say on them is GRADO PROFESSIONAL SERIES CUSTOM. they have a leather band and aluminium backs and the part which is printed on is aluminium. he got them on ebay ages ago and said the actual model number was listed but cant remember. i produce you see and want to use a relevant headphone profile the ones available are
Grado PS500,
Grado PS1000,
Grado SR125,
Grado SR225,
Grado SR325,
Grado SR60 (e/i),
Grado SR80 (e/i),
could they be any of these? or i have to send them off to have a custom profile made up and would rather save the £150 after already spending £650 many thanks and merry xmashttps://ibb.co/rtKKd58
Sounds like a Drop fake Grado.
They where selling them and Grado had no idea where they came from.

Besides China

What is and why is profiling important?
Those do look like they come from the professional series, except there are some differences.  Occasionally Grado does a limited release model, which could be why "custom" is in the name.

But I'd say that the headband is off, being tan leather.  Those can be purchased separately from Grado and other atermarket sources.

There is enough there to make me suspect that they are from Grado, but have perhaps had the headband replaced at some point by the owner.