Unico Secondo

Anyone with any experience of this hybrid integrated? I just did a search of the Discussion threads and nothing came up. Interested in overall performance and in how much it improves (if it does) over original Unico and SE.
I'm a dealer so maybe a bit biased. Sounds a little more refined and detailed through the mids and highs vs the SE. Doesn't quite have the slam the SE has. It is much better built than the older models. I would pick it over the Creek Destiny, Exposure etc.
I own a Secondo and think very highly of it. It is a big step up over the original 80w (or so) Unico.

The Secondo replaces the Unico SE but is different to it. I would agree with Dkasab that the Secondo does not have a bass slam of the SE - but betters the SE IMHO in virtually every other area - most notably mid range purity. This is an amp for vocal lovers. Feature wise the volume control was improved (over the SE); the tubes are different and usefully, balanced outputs are added.