Unico SE Underwood Level-2 Mods ????

I am considering buying one second hand to drive my JM-Reynaud speakers.
I'd really appreciate hearing from owners of the Integrated - what's it like? What are it's strengths? Any real weaknesses?
I listen mostly to acoustic music, lotsa female vocal.

Thanks in Anticipation
Here you go:

Thanks Cruz123
I'm familiar with that review.
That review sparked my interest, and now there is one available 2nd hand, at a good price. I'm hoping to hear unbiased opinions from real people and owners.
I have read so many positive reviews about gear that I just don't like - I want to canvass widely.
I can't do a home audition before buying, so I'm buying "blind".
I have heard the original Unico on my speakers. Very nice but a tad dark and slow. I believe the SE, especially with the Underwood Mods, overcame these issues, but I still hope to hear from satisfied or unsatisfied users/owners.

I had the Unico and it will not give you what you are looking for.