Unico Primo integrated amp

After seeing Shaun at Zero Fidelities praise of the Primo, I got one for audition. The tube the comes with it for the front end was a little too lively for my taste. I tried a PS Vane 12AX7 and a NOS RCA black plate tube and the sound was excellent. It is built like a tank and feels like a quality unit. I compered it to a Vincent SV237 and it was better. Compared to my Freya + and Aegirs it is not so warm or relaxed being more palpable and having a tangible sound that is very pleasing.  Unfortunately the price just went back up to $2500 but then that is the price of the Schiit gear. Shawn said it can get bright when pushed to the extremes but it is a powerful 80 watts and I never go past half throttle with my Dynaudio Special 40s. I don't see it as a big deal for me. If you need more power a second amp could be added via the pre-outs.  This amp adds a feeling of realism and palpability that is very rewarding. Just my impression. 


I have the Primo also. I bought it in Black. I love the sound. I replaced the stock 12AX7 also with a Tungsram from Upscale (Kevins stash). I replaced the stock 12AX7 before with a NOS Brimar. The Tungsram is so much better, it's like I added a subwoofer. Using Rega RS7s, great combo. Plenty of power for me, I can't even get close to half way.

I had a Plinius 9100 before, which I really liked. The Primo is much better. It's less powerful but has more/better bass.