UNICO: Can it Serve as a Preamplifier?

I have a Unison Research UNICO integrated amplifer.

Can the UNICO be used as a preamplifier if I wanted to connect two mono block amplifiers to my system?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Does it have pre outs ?
Unless the Unico has 'preamp out' rca connections on the back you will not be able to use it this way. Some integrated amps have them so you can bi-amp or hook up a subwoofer (line level). If not you will have to replace it to use monos. Shouldnt be too hard to sell, they seem to be very popular. Good luck.
The Unico does not have pre-outs.
Thanks everyone for the feedback.

There goes one idea down the drain!

The first version of the Audio Aero Prima Hybrid does have pre-outs, and it beats the Unico hands down, IMO. Just in case you still want to head in that direction.