unico 80wpc enough for dynaudio contour 1.3 mkII?

My search for mini-monitors under $2K (used) has come down to two similar speakers, the above mentioned Dyns and the Proac Response 1 SC. I know that the Dyns require some heft behind it, and I'm worried that my Unico hasn't got enough of it to really make them sing. Plus, they're only single-wired, which makes the biwirable Proac's an interesting option. I'd love to hear your comments.
Listening to Unico I doubted on its power specifications and it seemed to me far less powerfull than it should be.
It usually being demoed with light speakers such as Triangle or Coincident but I'd realy doubt the success pairing it with Dyns. Even with light speakers it doesn't fill-up with sound and sounds shallow. Increasing a volume gives a-bit better staging but with degree of sacrifice to upper midrange and highs. It has a good retail price, but I'd still suggest looking for models with larger power.
IMHO Bryston integrated model can do much better job despite having less of the specified power.
I am sorry, but Dynaudio 1.3mkII wont sound so good if fed with weak amplification. I have one speaker (to recommend) that will blow your socks off. Living Voice Avatars, used for less than 2K, and as hard core Dynaudio fan and longtime owner of the various Dynaudio speakers, i found british made Living Voice questioning my loyalty. If i were ever to "downsize" from My Plinius, that i cannot use Dyna 3.0 anymore, Living Voice would be my first and only choice! If cheaper Avatars, sound as good (in same areas even better) than my 3.0, i would hate to be tempted to audition LV's most expensive line!
From what I've heard about the 1.3s (since I own the M20s, so comparison of the two happens frequently) they need just as much juice as mine. 80 watts will only do it if you have a small listening space and that, still, may not be enough. They, like the M20s, require some serious (quality) amplification. I have just, barely, have enough power, and that's because of the size of my living room: small. peace, warren
Dynaudio's typically work best with a LOT of power. Not being familiar with the Unico but having others state that it seems to be a bit shy of its' power rating tells me that this might not be a good combo. Without trying it, you might not ever know for certain, but my guess is that your initial instincts are probably correct. Sean
I am hoping that the Unico can deliver the goods into Proac resp. 1.5's. They are more efficient than the 1sc's (which I've owned previously) The 1.5's worked magic with 40watt tube so I think the unison would be good as well. As for the Dynaudio, I agree that they are wayy to power greedy, but I've heard them play nicely on a Sim Moon 70watt intergrated so there is a possibility