Ungrounded power cord: Will I die?

I'm always reading about the dangers of lifting ground from a power cord, especially in manufacturer manuals. Does this only apply to lifting ground from a grounded cord or just using an ungrounded cord, period? There are tons of devices in our homes that use ungrounded power cords (think wall wart). How is it possible that my house has not erupted into a ball of flames yet?

Anyway, I have a 2-prong power cord with a 3-prong IEC female end that came with my Luxman amp. I am getting the outboard power supply for my Calyx 24/192 DAC, but it requires an additional power cord. The Luxman cord sounds pretty good so I want to use that instead of spending another $500 to buy another one, which is +150% of the power supply itself!

What say ye?
02-09-12 Not dead yet. Ebm

02-09-12 Hi all ! not yet Bradluke0

I hope not! If you were, this could be a real strange one for?...
Can you tie a floating chassis to a grounded chassis with a speaker wire?
The results of this type of accident are not pretty. I witnessed such an event when I threw the hair dryer into the bath tub with my X-WIFE. I'm not stupid though, I unplugged all my audio gear and my flat screen before I did it.