Unforgiving DAC or add Tube Preamp??

I have added a (Benchmark HGC 2 DAC) to run digital music to my Modwright KWA 150 SE.  At first I was impressed with the detail but much of my music sounds more harsh than what my ears are used to.  Apparently Benchmark DACS  are known to be unforgiving.  Should I look towards a different DAC or would adding a Tube Preamp be the best solution? Or change both? Recommendations welcomed!

Speakers : Dali Euphonia MS4
(#2) Rel 528 in stereo
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A used  Ayon CD5s would include transport, dac and tubed preamp in one box and may fit the bill
Leave your DAC on for several days playing something on a loop to get it up to snuff. Then listen again and see if that doesn't help. Call the maker and see what they have to say. My Yggdrasil continued to improve past 200 hours and is remarkable now. Try tweeking with cables, careful research is your friend here if you desire to keep your new DAC. Changing cables may get the relief you are looking for. If all else fails....tubes are always good in my opinion.


The Apple TV is going to the Benchmark DAC however it is an optical cable not a spdif.  Some folks say going a BlueSound Node 2i over ATV will help.  Others say it makes no difference.