unexpected VPI Traveler DC motor change in new ver

Hi everyone,

Last week I received a new black Traveler safely dropped off by UPS. I was very glad to see that VPI packs the unit so well. The first thing I unpacked was the power cord box. I was very surprised to see a 24v DC walwart, which really bummed me out. I thought I was getting an AC motor version so I could use my Music Hall Cruise Control to tweak the Traveler's speed to my preferences. The Cruise Control does also work with 16v turntable power supplies but not 24v, sigh. I want to avoid paying return shipping and I am hoping to try to make a local trade (Seattle, WA) for the 1st version Traveler or maybe a Music Hall MMF 7.1. Nothing else has been upacked / setup with the Traveler I received.

I was wondering if the Music Hall comes close to the Traveler in musical presentation and maybe has a little more PRaT (similar to my Xpression III)? Or should I try for the first version Traveler and run it just a tad fast to try to bring more PRaT into the picture?

I confirmed today with VPI that it is an AC motor but the step down walwart prevents using the Cruise Control.