Unexpected problem with my new LSA .5s :

I ordered a pair of LSA .5's for my secondary system. We recently set up an 11x11 dance floor (We dance lindy hop, which is done to jazz) in our playroom/office. (Yeah, when you have kids, every room has to do double or triple duty) The speakers arrived this afternoon. I quickly hooked them up to the amp by husband built. (The source is just iTunes running on my computer, ripped to be lossless, but without the benefit of any fancy DAC. (That's DH's next project. Gotta love being married to an electrical engineer.) Nothing like my main system.) I sat down in front of my computer to work. No time to work on placement. No burning in. The problem? I can't work. I keep realizing I've been listening to the "background" music and not working. They are wonderfully musical. Even without working on placement, the soundstaging was so good that I felt like a had a private concert set up in front of me. I can't wait to hear how good these speakers are going to sound when they aren't sitting about an inch from the wall on a shelf that is attached to the wall by metal brackets. It's ridiculous. They should sound awful, but I can't stop smiling.

(And a thanks to UnderwoodWally for getting them to me so quickly.)
Congrats Joy,
I hope you enjoy them for many years. There is a review of LSA statement speakers in Absolute Sound this month. Pretty glowing too.